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Mountain Ridge Media is a small software and media development company located in the mountains East of Birmingham, Alabama.

Introducing Scopey for Home-School Cooperatives

Scopey is our new software product for the management of information related to small schools. It will save your school leadership a lot of time trying to make it all happen.

Check out more about Scopey here!

Mountain Ridge Media - Creativity, Ingenuity & Integrity

Welcome! We look forward to helping you meet your goals and requirements for software and media. Take a minute to browse our services and feel free to contact us to discuss your project.

Inspiration to create new ideas is best modeled by the Creator. At every level, we find well planned systems that allow the creation to serve its functions. From thought to word to fruition, we strive to carefully design and create.

'n. The quality or power of ready invention; quickness or acuteness in combining ideas, or in forming new combinations.' We will exercise ingenuity by designing projects that are usable, sturdy, and very functional.

With honesty and fairness, we will work hard to make your project a success. In addition, what you entrust to us will be safe.

Mountain Ridge Media
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