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Mountain Ridge Media is a small software and media development company located in the mountains East of Birmingham, Alabama.

Software Development

Application Development
Have a business or manufacturing process that needs custom software to help make it work? We can create custom applications to help you meet the needs of your business process.

Information Management
Need help managing the information that your business collects or creates? We can create custom tools to meet the information management needs of your business.

Scopey (In Production for Windows 10 With Continuing Development) To meet the needs of small schools or home-school cooperatives, Scopey provides management of School Terms, Facility Meeting Rooms, Classes, Teachers, Class Locations, Class Meetings, Class Schedules, Families/Students, Class Registration, Billing, Payments, and Class Expenses.

Built as a windows desktop application, it uniquely stores its data on your organization's web database. Scopey can be run simultaneously on multiple laptops or PCs with internet access but without the need for them to be networked together. This is ideal for small organizations, where the leadership members each use their own computer to work on school related information.

Scopey makes setting up class schedules and facility usage easier with 'Drag & Drop' class meetings. The class scheduler takes the meetings of the classes that you defined and allows you to drop them on a grid of class periods crossed with room locations.

Scopey makes student registration easier with touch or click class selection. It automatically detects conflicts in a student's schedule and let's the registrar know why a class could not be selected. Determining the total bill and receiving payments is quick and easy with options to print and email the bill for the family.

Scopey may be a fit for a variety of organizations who manage event registrations, such as churches needing to manage classes or recreation centers wishing to manage their classes.

If you think Scopey might be useful for your organization, give us a call at 205-405-7585.

File Shepherd (In Design for Windows 10) This file processing tool allows you to define steps to manipulate, manage and process files. More to come...

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